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A-Rosa, river cruising but not as you know it

Ok so you may be haven’t heard of A-Rosa… but we think they offer a refreshing approach to cruising the waterways of Europe. They have been operating since 2001 and are Germany’s most popular river cruise operator. With a fleet of 11 ships in 2018 they have dedicated 5 to the international markets of Germany/Europe, United Kingdom, USA and Australia.

Rhine A-ROSA BRAVA (2017) and A-ROSA AQUA (2018)
Rhine, Main and Danube A-ROSA FLORA and SILVA


Enjoy this short video – CLICK HERE


The A-Rosa difference:

  • Price, possible the best value money river cruise available
    • What’s included: Accommodation + Dining + All beverages + WIFI
    • Coach transfers are also available from the nearest Train station (Cologne & Passau only).
  • More importantly what is not included
    • Sightseeing tours + Spa Treatments + Bike Hire + Gratuities
  • Premium yet contemporary, think 3.5 stars and bright colour schemes. (A Mecure or Novotel would be a land based comparison)
  • Overnight and extended stays in many towns, cities and villages
  • Younger clientele, average age is 38+ and groups of multi-generational families
  • Kids cruise FREE, yes for every Adult one child under the age of 15 travels FREE ^
  • Kids activities during Easter and Summer school holidays (July to early Sept)
  • Dining is casual deluxe (think show kitchen live buffet stations)
  • Large Spa/Wellness areas
  • Onboard language is German and English with all publications and announcements in both languages. (In the event of only few English speaking guests, the International host will find your personally to pass on the details).


Who would like A-Rosa

  • If you don’t want to travel with only Australians and like to meet people from all walks of life.
  • Prefer a more relaxed approach to your holiday, and don’t need you hand held every step of the way.
  • Want dining included, but with flexibility
  • Prefer to do your own thing ashore, or buy a tour as and when you want to
  • Want to add a river cruise to a bigger travel itinerary. The most popular A-Rosa itineraries are 5-7 nights.


A-Rosa is not for you if

  • You are looking for the fully escorted, and fully choreographed nature of some of the main stream, river cruise operators
  • You want to travel with only Australians


^Terms and conditions apply

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